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Doula Service

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The Tiny Miracles Doula Packages

 Your doula will be available to anwser questions throughout your pregnancy.  On the birthing day your doula will attend the birth!  Packages are customizable to your birth.


 Prenatal Doula Services:
• Help you write a birth plan, so we can explore your options, wishes and desires.
• Suggest and practice with you labor positions, comfort measures.

• Attend childbirth class with you if need be.

• Attend a prenatal appointment with you, if you would like.

• Help with healthy diet planning.
• Answer or help you find the answers to questions.
• Share resources on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and other related topics.

 Labor Services: 

*24/7 on call at 38 weeks until your baby is born.  

*Guaranteed backup of another Tiny Miracles doula.
• Offer physical and emotional support throughout entire labor
• Help you & your partner understand any “technical language” the doctor or nurses may offer.
• Support your birth partner by giving breaks, and help enable them to participate in the birth to their comfort level.
• Take photos and video if wanted.
• Help create a calm and comfortable birth environment.
• Massage techniques that both comfort and help speed labor.

• Aromatherapy

• Rebozo techniques

• Training in acupressure points to calm, help kick start labor, and speed it up.

• Help get breast feeding started.



• Will go over the birth with you and your partner and answer any questions you may have.

• Can come to your home and help care for baby while parents take a nap, shower, eat, etc.

• Can run errands, do light housework, and cook you a meal.

• Teach newborn care so you are more comfortable with your baby when you are home. 

• Cloth diapering, explore the different types of diapers, and teach how to care for them.

• Baby wearing, explore the different types of carriers, practice wraps and getting baby in and out of the carrier safely.

Top Offers

Explore our best selling offers

Standard Package


2-3 Prenatal visits

Phone and email support

Full labor and delivery support

Postpartum follow up visit

*Also recieve $10 off Placenta Services

and $25 off Hypnobirthing Class

Premium Package


2-3 Prenatal visits

Phone and email support

3 Prenatal massages

Full labor and delivery support

Postpartum Support

1 follow up

12 postpartum hours (hours can be used for overnight support-min 8 hours)

*Also:  $50 off Hypnobirthing Childbirth Class and $10 off Placenta Services


Virtual Package


2-3 Prenatal video/phone calls

Phone and email support

Full labor and delivery support via video call to help with instruction, support, etc

-1 follow up postpartum call


More offers and Add ons

More great support!

Cesarean Section


1 Prenatal visit

Phone and email support

Birth support

Postpartum support

-1 follow up/ meet you as you get home to help get you settled/nested in

-3 four hour postpartum visits (12 hours total)

Help setting up a meal train

 *Also:  $10 off Placenta Services



Add ons!

Pregnancy and Postpartum done right

Overnight support 8 hours- $400

Belly Binding- $150

Postpartum Support 4 hours- $200

Payment Plans available

and creative ways to afford a doula

A deposit of $400 reserves your spot on the calendar, remaining balance due at 38 weeks when I go on call for you.  Payment plans available.


**Don't forget! If you refer someone and they sign up for services you get cash back!**

More care options

Care for the whole family

Sibling Doula


Do you want your older child(ren) to be apart of the birth, but not sure how they will do with it?  Need someone to take care of the kids while you focus on your birth?  I can take care of the kids and get them involved in the birth up to everyone's comfort level.

(includes 1-2 prenatals visits to get aquinted, on call at 38 weeks, and support until family is ready to be on their own)


Antepartum Care


Are you on bedrest?  I can take care of you, your kids, your house, run errands and do your shopping, cook meals for you, and most importantly keep you company.  Sit back, relax, and let me take of it! 

Birth Pool Rental


Perfect for your water birth!  Delivery at 37 weeks and pick up after the birth.

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