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"My experience with Jamie as my doula could not have been more wonderful. She was completely supportive from early on in my pregnancy. She arranged meetings so that we could go over my wishes and my birth plan. As a first time mother, she made sure to answer all of the many questions that I had about birth in general and what I wanted my birth experience to look like. 

As my due date approached, Jamie was in frequent contact to lend her experience or advice as I needed it. She made sure that I was ready as I could be for my birthing day. She also helped me with my Hypnobirthing study, too.

Jamie was pretty much the only reason I survived my birthing day! She was there for 14 hours, energetic, friendly, and supportive the whole time. She had many helpful techniques during early labor that helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. She was an excellent help when it came to deciphering the medical jargon.

I really wanted a natural, unmedicated child birth. There was a time when I thought that I could not do it without some form of pain relief. Jamie helped me through this difficult period. She reminded me why I wanted a natural birth and encouraged me through EVERY contraction. Her support made it possible for me to get through the pain and achieve the birth that I wanted from the beginning.

With Jamie’s help, I felt empowered and strong throughout my whole birthing day – even when I felt like I couldn’t do it. I KNOW for certain that if I had not had her as my doula, my experience would not have been what I wanted it to be. I was never scared, thanks to Jamie. I wouldn’t just recommend Jamie to anyone – I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you!" - Malia


"When I found out I was again pregnant in September 2012, I knew that I wanted to try for a VBAC. The first step was to READ! READ! READ! Through a nurse and a great online support board, I got countless links and book titles about vaginal births after a Cesarian and in everything I read, I saw "doula". I knew what a doula was but wasn't quite sure what one could do for me. I'm the kind of person who likes to do everything for myself by myself, even if I have to go it the hard way! I thought about it for a few months before I ultimately decided that I had been down the hard road before and as I was trying to have the opposite of my first birth experience, I had better look further into getting a doula for my second. After all, I kept seeing everywhere "If you're going to attempt a VBAC, GET A DOULA!" My search led me to Jamie. And with her kind and patient support, I got my VBAC this passed May! Those who are close to me knew how important it was to me. I imagine other mothers who have been on the VBAC journey understand how amazing it feels to come out on the other side after a traumatic C-section and bask in the glory of the awesomeness that is BIRTH. I had a pretty easy labor that went fairly uneventful until right at the end and that's when Jamie shined! At the moment I was feeling lost in my own pain and wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into Jamie stepped up and provided me with the support I otherwise would not have received. I just simply wouldn't have been able to ask for it. She knew exactly where I needed counter-pressure to get me through those last terrible contractions, she was cheering me on as I pushed my beautiful baby into the world and then she took pictures of those first few precious moment of my daughter's life. She reminded me of the things I wanted that I may have otherwise forgotten about in my baby-haze. I look back on that day and feel warmth and love, and Jamie helped me achieve that! I really couldn't be happier. :)" - Tacia

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" I KNOW for certain that if I had not had her as my doula, my experience would not have been what I wanted it to be." 

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